Chapple Nabs Fifth Straight! Duritsky Jr., Ruhlman, and Wolbert RUSH Summer Showcase Winners at Lernerville!

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Media Relations Director – Jason Shank

Sarver, PA (July 23, 2021) It was ‘Christmas in July’ as the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) and the RUSH Summer Showcase took the main stage at the Lernerville Speedway on Friday, July 23. The night’s festivities were kicked off by Grand Marshall Joe Wrenn of Glick Fire Equipment, the program’s presenting sponsor, as we honored area First Responders. All Police, EMT, and Fire staff members were offered free admission as a Thank You for their service to our communities.

The BOSS Sprints were the first feature to hit the speedway and Carmen Perigo jumped out to the early lead. Perigo pulled away from the field for a few laps but Isaac Chapple, winner of four straight BOSS feature events, had climbed into the second position and began to stalk Perigo for the top spot. By lap five, Chapple had caught the race leader and was primed to make his move. As the two headed into turn one, Chapple drove low into turn one and slid up the racetrack in front of Perigo to take the lead on lap six. The 25-lap feature was slowed by four cautions, but Chapple was able to fend off the field for the remainder of the event to claim his fifth straight BOSS feature event. Matt Westfall came home second as Perigo followed in third. Mike Miller and Jesse Vermillion rounded out the top five.

‘This place is tricky, they gave us a run for our money tonight,’ Chapple stated in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane. ‘We weren’t very good early in the night, we were a little better in the heat race, but we really needed to go to work before the feature. I want to thank Lee and Savannah who’s here with me, we worked hard for this one.’

Michael Duritsky Jr. led from start to finish in the caution free Performance RUSH Late Models feature event. Duritsky held off charges from Will Thomas and Logan Zarin to claim the 20-lap feature event. Following Zarin was Darryl Charlier in fouth and Joe Martin in fifth. ‘I couldn’t be happier,’ exclaimed Duritsky in victory lane. ‘This means a lot to me, this is one of the biggest tracks around, there’s been a lot of great people up here in this victory lane and I’m glad to be one of them!’

Chad Ruhlman reigned supreme in the Equipment Rental Options RUSH Sprints feature event. Ruhlman, who started fifth, made his way to the runner up spot by lap six and hounded then leader Blaze Myers from laps 10 through 14 when Ruhlman made his move coming out of turn four to take the lead. Ruhlman led the rest of the way while Blaze Myers held on for second followed by John Mollick in third, Gale Ruth in fourth and Zach Morrow finished fifth. ‘That was a fun race,’ Ruhlman said in victory lane. ‘The lapped car definitely made it a little tough on him (Myers) there. We threaded the needle there on the back stretch, hats off to the 43 (Myers), he worked his butt off tonight.’ Ruhlman continued, ‘The track was beautiful, monster cushion and I’m not used to that, but I guess we just channeled our inner Larson (Kyle) and ran the cushion and made sure we didn’t push through the corners. Need to thank Tim, Tim, and Bob. Those guys are working their butts off, I just sit here as the pretty face in the car.’ Chad went on to thank RUSH for putting on their Manufacturers Night presented by MSD Performance, ‘And thanks to all the sponsors that did the give-a-ways tonight, that was pretty nice.’

In the evening’s finale, the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Sportsman Modifieds took to the speedway with Chaz Wolbert leading all 20 laps to claim his 7th RUSH win of the season. Coming home second was Ben Easler followed by Justin Shea in third, fourth was Tony Tatgenhorst while Rob Kristyak rounded out the top five. ‘I just kept the bottom protected,’ Wolbert claimed in victory lane. ‘The track really slicked off compared to what we had in the heat races. I just tried to hit my marks and stay smooth and straight and that’s where it got us!’

Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series Results:

Heat 1: (21) Carmen Perigo, (4J) Justin Owen, (52) Isaac Chapple, (26W) Cody White, (73) Blake Vermillion, (22) Brandon Spithaler, (27K) Dan Shetler, (76) Davey Jones

Heat 2: (11) Ricky Lewis, (33M) Matt Westfall, (9) Cody Gardner, (82) Mike Miller, (12) Darin Gallagher, (44) Michael Fischessser, (10) Saban Bibent

Heat 3: (52) Steve Little, (34) Parker Frederickson, (5V) Jesse Vermillion, (2DI) Dustin Ingle, (5) Bob McMillen, (4K) Bill Kiley, (X) Rick Holley

Feature: (52) Isaac Chapple, (33M) Matt Westfall, (21) Carmen Perigo, (82) Mike Miller, (5V) Jesse Vermillion, (11) Ricky Lewis, (4J) Justin Owens, (12) Darin Gallagher, (22) Brandon Spithaler, (26W) Cody White, (44) Michael Fischesser, (2DI) Dustin Ingle, (27K) Dan Shetler, (53) Steve Little, (5) Bob McMillen, (34) Parker Frederickson, (9) Cody Gardner, (73) Blake Vermillion, (76) Davey Jones, (4K) Rick Holley

Performance RUSH Late Models Results:

Heat 1: (48) Zach Morrow, (9) Will Thomas, (11F) Ryan Frazee, (114) Daryl Charlier, (10S) Joe Martin, (948) Joey Zambotti, (77) Tom Klein, (33) Josh Ferry (DNS)

Heat 2: (65) Steve Dixon, (1Z) Logan Zarin, (90J) Mike Duritsky, (36) Colby Beighey, (31) Noah Brunnell, (61) Vince Masi Jr., (24C) Rob Coffaro

Feature: (90J) Mike Duritsky, (9) Will Thomas, (1Z) Logan Zarin, (114) Darryl Charlier, (10S) Joe Martin, (48) Zach Morrow, (948) Joey Zambotti, (65) Steve Dixon, (11F) Ryan Frazee, (36) Colby Beighey, (31) Noah Brunnell, (61) Vince Masi Jr., (24C) Rob Coffaro, (77) Tom Klein, (33) Josh Ferry

Equipment Rental Options RUSH Sprints Results:

Heat 1: (14) John Mollick, (69) Brian Hartzell, (57N) Tyler Newhart, (40) Brad Church, (37X) Bill Watson, (16c) Amelia Clay, (35) Jordan Hamilton, (13) Kevin Kaserman

Heat 2: (24) Gale Ruth Jr., (68) Chad Ruhlman, (23) Kevin Ruhlman, (62) Brian Cressley, (9J) Zach Morrow, (12) Ryan Fraley, (20) Jeff Metsger


Heat 3: (41) Rod George, (43JR) Blaze Myers, (12C) Jason Scoville, (58) Joe Lockhart, (25) Nolan Groves, (69Z) AJ MacQuarrie, (1R) Gale Ruth Sr.

Feature: (68) Chad Ruhlman, (43JR) Blaze Myers, (14) John Mollick, (24) Gale Ruth, (9J) Zach Morrow, (58) Joe Lockhart, (25) Nolan Groves, (69) Brian Hartzell, (23) Kevin Ruhlman, (41) Rod George, (62) Brian Cressley, (12C) Jason Scoville, (57N) Tyler Newhart, (37X) Bill Watson, (40) Brad Church, (12) Ryan Fraley, (20) Jeff Metsger, (16c) Amelia Clay, (35) Jordan Hamilton, (13) Kevin Kaserman, (1R) Gale Ruth Sr., (69X) AJ Macquarrie- Did Not Start

Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Sportsman Modifieds Results:

Heat 1: (C3) Chas Wolbert, (2) Kole Holden, (02) Ben Easler, (00) Rob Kristyak, (55R) Clayton Deems, (14S) Justin Shea, (7P) Caden Petry, (119) Joe Gibson, (113) Don Corneilus- Did Not Start

Heat 2: (12) JC Boyer, (5C) Ayden Cipriano, (29) Cole Edwards, (28J) Jacob Jordan, (24) Preston Cope, (717) Bill Adams, (571) Joshua Ehrenberg, (71) Gage Priester

Heat 3: (63T) Tony Tatgenhorst, (JD57) Jordan Ehrenberg, (8) Kyle Martell, (86) Shayne Izzo, (10) Chelsie Kriegisch, (25) Greg Porter, (333G) Dalton Gabriel, (11J) Jake Rutana

Feature: (C3) Chas Wolbert, (02) Ben Easler, (14S) Justin Shea, (63T) Tony Tatgenhorst, (00) Rob Kristyak, (8) Kyle Martell, (2) Kole Holden, (55R) Clayton Deems, (86) Shayne Izzo, (24) Preston Cope, (JD57) Jordan Ehrenberg, (10) Chelsie Kriegisch, (717) Bill Adams, (25) Greg Porter, (333G) Dalton Gabriel, (7P) Caden Petry, (11J) Jake Rutana, (12) JC Boyer, (28J) Jacob Jordan, (29) Cole Edwards, (571) Joshua Ehrenberg, (71) Gage Priester, (119) Joe Gibson, (5C) Ayden Cipriano, (113) Don Cornelius- Did Not Start

Friday, July 30 is Nostalgia Night as well as Circle Track Club/Twin State Cub Night where our Fab4 Revved Up with Marburger Farm Dairy weekly show is back in action. A Test & Tune is on the slate for Tuesday, August 3. The Test & Tune is open to all divisions and will feature the Mini Stock Grand Slam Series. General Admission is Free to all!

Tickets for Friday’s Fab4 Revved Up with Marburger Farm Dairy weekly show and all upcoming events can be purchased at, the online home of Lernerville Speedway.

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