Quick Results 7.17.20- Beck and Mollick Earn First Wins; Bowser Tops Sprints; Zambotti Bests Stocks

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Sarver, PA (July 17, 2020) The Fab4 Revved up with Marburger Farm Dairy returned to The Action Track on Friday night following a one week hiatus, and the crowd on hand were treated to some on the finest racing of the season. Three of the four main events were not settled until the final set of turns and the story lines inside the finishes became thick with intrigue and impact within the points standings. Two very deserving first time feature winners were crowned, and late race challenges brought fans out of their seats on more than one occasion as the evening went along, underneath near perfect skies.

In the Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models, Tommy Beck had been oh so close to the sweet taste of victory in his years of racing at Lernerville. On Friday night, his patience and persistence were finally rewarded. Early on, Jayme Beck found herself in command of the field until a solid running Will Thomas made his way by on lap four. On a restart following a caution with five laps in the books, Thomas appeared not to fire promptly and in the process collected Jayme Beck, ending his opportunity to take his first career Late Model victory as his left front became damaged beyond immediate repair. Colton Flinner then made his way to the lead and looked to be in control while 2019 champion Ken Schaltenbrand and a hard charging Beck would take up positions behind him as the laps clicked off. Schaltenbrand then found himself in a door to door battle with Flinner for the lead at the lap 15 mark until Flinner finally found some breathing room at the front when Schaltenbrand slowed with 22 laps down to bring out the caution. Beck then inherited the second spot and on the ensuing restart, he bolted around Flinner to take the lead. Flinner threw the kitchen sink at the new leader in the final two laps but came up just short at the finish line as Beck managed his first career Late Model feature win at Lernerville.


Some of the Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modified drivers had their fates altered by a sizable melee in turn four before the initial green flag. The pileup involved some drivers normally found in the front of the field at Lernerville, including Rick Regalski, Steve Feder, Tom Glenn, Mike Turner, John Mollick, Rex King Sr. and Brian Swartzlander. When the 25 lap main event finally got underway, Dave Murdick looked to be in control while behind him, the red hot Garrett Krummert was making forward progress with precision and purpose as he made his way to the second spot. Krummert suffered a mishap after a restart with five laps in as he bobbled coming out of turn two and shuffled back into the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Mollick had been lurking in the front looking to seize an opportunity, and following a lap eight restart, he found the high side of the speedway to his liking and found the momentum he needed to get around Murdick for the lead approaching the halfway point. Krummert then found his way back to the front as the laps wound down setting up some late race drama. On a late race restart, Mollick found Krummert on his rear bumper and the two seemingly battled wheel to wheel for the entire final two laps as Mollick found just enough momentum to cross the line first for his first career Big Block Modified feature win.

AJ Flick started on the front row and jumped out to a commanding early lead in the Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar Sprint main event. The three time track champion held a handful of pursuers behind him as Carl Bowser, Brent Matus, Dan Kuriger and R.J. Jacobs comprised a formidable chase pack in the early going until the yellow flag waved following a Chase Baker spin with seven laps down. When action resumed, Flick was able to keep the pack behind him except for Bowser who began gaining ground in a bid to take the lead. The two drivers made contact in turn two with 13 laps down which sent Flick into a spin during which he made a spectacular save to keep the yellow flag out of the hands of flagman Dan Hunkele. Bowser then put the rest of the field behind him with authority, rolling up a near straightaway advantage in the process. Flick furiously charged back from the mid pack to rally for a podium position but was not able to seriously challenge for the lead again. Meanwhile, Kuriger turned in another solid performance, crossing the finish line in the second spot.

In the Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Pro Stocks, Joey Zambotti may have started on the front row, but achieving victory on Friday night wasn’t as simple as driving away from the field. Zambotti had seen two very similar opportunities to win vanish into thin air with late race spins thus far in 2020. However, avoiding disaster would not be the only key to victory for the young pilot as he would have to endure several restarts and a stong challenge from two of the most prominent drivers in the division’s history as six time champion Corey McPherson and 2019 title winner Tyler Dietz worked though the field and ran down Zambotti setting up frantic nine lap dash in the second half of the race. Zambotti withstood the challenges and kept the car underneath him en route to his first Lernerville win of the season.

Racing resumes at The Action Track on Tuesday, July 21 when “The Greatest Show on Dirt”, the NoS Energy Drink World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series present the annual Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup featuring the stars from the series, taking on the best national, regional and local Sprint Car drivers in a 35 lap showdown for a top prize of $25,000. Tickets can be found on our website at Lernerville.com

The Action Track Podcast was recorded live in our onsite studios following Friday night’s racing action, featuring recaps of all the racing action and an interview with Sprint Car feature winner Carl Bowser. To listen to Friday’s Action Track Podcast Click Here

Peoples Natural GasDIRTcar 410 Sprint Feature: (25 Laps)

  1. (11) Carl Bowser
  2. (08) Dan Kuriger
  3. (2) AJ Flick
  4. (33) Brent Matus
  5. (18) R.J. Jacobs
  6. (35) Jared Zimbardi
  7. (7K) Dan Shetler
  8. (13) Brandon Matus
  9. (46) Michael Bauer
  10. (23jr) Jack Sodeman Jr.
  11. (22) Brandon Spithaler
  12. (J4) John Garvin Jr.
  13. (49H) Bradley Howard
  14. (12G) Darin Gallagher
  15. (11H) Chase Metheny
  16. (76) Davey Jones
  17. (4J) Jacob Gomola
  18. (23B) Chase Baker
  19. (42) Sye Lynch
  20. (55) Gary Kreiss Jr.

Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models Feature: (25 Laps)

  1. (91) Tommy Beck
  2. (48) Colton Flinner
  3. (77) Tyler Dietz
  4. (28C) Clate Copeman
  5. (10L) Gary Lyle
  6. (27B) Eric Wilson
  7. (92) Jayme Beck
  8. (01H) Ron Hall
  9. (9) Clayton Kennedy
  10. (W3) John Weaver
  11. (15*) Kelvin Kohan
  12. (14R) Clay Ruffo
  13. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand
  14. (12) John Myers
  15. (44) Joe Petyak
  16. (11) Joshua Powell
  17. (217) Howard Fraley
  18. (9T) Will Thomas
  19. (9Y) Levi Yetter
  20. (81) Mike Miller

Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Northeast Big Block Modified Feature: (25 Laps)

  1. (4J) John Mollick
  2. (29) Garrett Krummert
  3. (83) Brian Swartzlander
  4. (165) Rex King Jr.
  5. (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker
  6. (61) Dave Murdick
  7. (13) Rick Regalski
  8. (45) Steve Feder
  9. (35) Steve Slater
  10. (18) Colton Walters
  11. (83T) Tom Glenn
  12. (3K) Shawn Kozar
  13. (32R) Chris Rudolph
  14. (22) Kevin Long
  15. (27R) Dave Reges
  16. (65) Rex King Jr.
  17. (88) Shawn Fleeger
  18. (96) Mike Turner

Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Pro Stocks Feature: (20 Laps)

  1. (948) Joey Zambotti
  2. (C33) Corey McPherson
  3. (27) Tyler Dietz
  4. (81) Mike Miller
  5. (30) Bob Egley
  6. (4*) Douglas Eck
  7. (66) Joe Kelley
  8. (310) Dale Tuche
  9. (00) Curtis Bish Jr.
  10. (26) Mike Bordt
  11. (1M) Gary Miller Jr.
  12. (25) Brett McDonald
  13. (19M) Ryan Maglione
  14. (5) Gary Churchfield
  15. (35b) Jake Dietz
  16. (99T) Teddy Baumgartner- Did Not Start
  17. (4) Brett Hutira- Did Not Start

Amick Associates Heat 1 for Peoples Natural Gas Sprints:

  1. (55) Gary Kreiss Jr.
  2. (35) Jared Zimbardi
  3. (33) Brent Matus
  4. (42) Sye Lynch
  5. (23B) Chase Baker
  6. (76) Davey Jones
  7. (44) Pete Landrum
  8. (14) Jeremy Hill
  9. (38) Leyton Wagner- Did Not Finish

Glassmere Fuel Service Heat 2 for Peoples Natural Gas Sprints:

  1. (22) Brandon Spithaler
  2. (2) AJ Flick
  3. (18J) RJ Jacobs
  4. (13) Brandon Matus
  5. (49H) Bradley Howard
  6. (23jr) Jack Sodeman Jr.
  7. (12G) Darin Gallagher
  8. (4J) Jake Gomola
  9. (154) Shamus O’Donnell

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Heat 3 for Peoples Natural Gas Sprints:

  1. (03) Dan Kuriger
  2. (46) Michael Bauer
  3. (11) Carl Bowser
  4. (J4) John Garvin
  5. (7K) Dan Shetler
  6. (11H) Chase Metheny
  7. (27) Zach Morrow
  8. (87) Jim Perricone
  9. (4K) Kip Edwards

Tomson Scrap Metal BMain for Peoples Natural Gas Sprints

  1. (12G) Darin Gallagher
  2. (23jr) Jack Sodeman
  3. (76) Davey Jones
  4. (11H) Chase Metheny
  5. (4J) Jacob Gomola
  6. (44) Pete Landrum
  7. (27) Zach Morrow
  8. (154) Shamus O’Donnell
  9. (38) Leyton Wagner
  10. (14) Jeremy Hill
  11. (87) Jim Perricone
  12. (4K) Kip Edwards

GetPhil.com Heat 1 for Precise Late Models:

  1. (15*) Kelvin Kohan
  2. (28C) Clate Copeman
  3. (01H) Ron Hall
  4. (W3) John Wayne Weaver
  5. (11) Joshua Powell
  6. (81) Mike G. Miller
  7. (217) Howard Fraley
  8. (10Z) Tommy Dennzinger- Did Not Start

American Steel Procesing Heat 2 for Precise Late Models:

  1. (91) Tommy Beck
  2. (92) Jayme Beck
  3. (10L) Gary Lyle
  4. (77) Tyler Dietz
  5. (9) Clayton Kennedy
  6. (27B) Eric Wilson
  7. (77H) Heath Close

Abtrex.com Heat 3 for Precise Late Models

  1. (9T) Will Thomas
  2. (48) Colton Flinner
  3. (44) Joe Petyak
  4. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand
  5. (14R) Clay Ruffo
  6. (9Y) Levi Yetter
  7. (12) John Myers

Tomson Scrap Metal BMain for the Precise Racing Products Late Models

  1. (81) Mike Miller
  2. (9Y) Levi Yetter
  3. (12) John Myers
  4. (217) Howard Fraley
  5. (27B) Eric Wilson
  6. (10Z) Tommy Dennzinger
  7. (77H) Heath Close

McCutcheon Enterprises Heat 1 for Diehl Modifieds:

  1. (29) Garrett Krummert
  2. (65) Rex King Sr.
  3. (13) Rick Reglski
  4. (61) Dave Murdick
  5. (96) Mike Turner
  6. (35) Steve Slater
  7. (45) Steve Feder
  8. (3K) Shawn Kozar
  9. (165) Rex King Jr. – Did Not Finish

Thermo Twin Windows Heat 2 for Diehl Modifieds:

  1. (83) Brian Swartzlander
  2. (4J) John Mollick
  3. (18W) Colton Walters
  4. (32R) Chris Rudolph
  5. (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker
  6. (83T) Tom Glenn
  7. (22) Kevin Long
  8. (88) Shawn Fleeger
  9. (27R) Dave Reges

Thoma Meat Market Heat 1 for Pic-A-Part Pro Stocks:

  1. (27) Tyler Dietz
  2. (948) Joey Zambotti
  3. (66) Joe Kelley
  4. (00) Curtis Bish Jr.
  5. (26) Mike Bordt
  6. (1M) Gary Miller Jr.
  7. (19M) Ryan Maglione
  8. (310) Dale Tuche
  9. (4) Brett Hutira- Did Not Start

Hovis Auto and Truck Supply Heat 2 for Pic-A-Part Pro Stocks:

  1. (C33) Corey McPherson
  2. (81) Mike Miller
  3. (4*) Douglas Eck
  4. (30) Bob Egley
  5. (25) Brett McDonald
  6. (5) Gary Churchfield
  7. (99T) Teddy Baumgartner
  8. (35b) Jake Dietz

Car Count Total: 83

Peoples Natural Gas Sprints: 27

Precise Late Models: 21

Diehl Modifieds: 18

Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar/RUSH Pro Stocks: 17

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