Quick Results 8.9.19-Young Scores Pro Stock Win-Wearing Pulls Off Upset Victory- Sodeman and King Jr Take Checkers

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Sarver, PA (August 10, 2019) The air was calm and still on a near perfect night at The Action Track, but the night of racing on the track was full of surprises, and bizarre circumstances as the Fab 4 Revved up with Marburger Farm Dairy graced the clay.

Jack Sodeman Jr. and Rex King Jr. each scored important feature wins that helped their causes in chasing their respective division titles. Meanwhile, Brandon Wearing managed to pull off perhaps the upset of the season in a dramatic fashion. And Terry Young found himself standing in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane for the first time since 2016 with a rather convincing feature victory.

It was a diverse field on hand in the Peoples Gas DIRTcar Sprints as drivers from far reaches of Ohio and Central Pennsylvania including former feature winner Danny Mumaw. Sodeman brought the field to the green and immediately went to work putting distance between himself and the field. Mumaw moved forward quickly from his fifth starting spot, taking the second position from Gary Kriess Jr on lap five. Once behind Sodeman, Mumaw was able to slice down Sodeman’s lead at times and got close to making a case for the lead. However, in lapped traffic, Sodeman was smooth and fast, splitting lapped cars with ease when necessary and keeping Mumaw at bay to collect his second feature win of the season.  Carl Bowser managed to climb from his 10th starting spot to a solid third place finish to round out the podium.

Tyler Dietz looked strong throughout the 25 lap Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Model main event and looked to be well on his way to his first feature victory in the division. The rookie Late Model driver and Pro Stock veteran stretched out a sizable advantage over the field on hand from the drop of the green flag. Dietz was able to lap most of the field in fact in his early race domination. Meanwhile, points leader Ken Schaltenbrand, Mike Miller and Tommy Beck saw their night end early after a lap five caution.  Following a lap 19 caution, Dietz was being pursued by Colton Flinner as the two drivers tangled in turn two as Flinner attempted a slide job that pushed Dietz over the banking.  Flinner inherited the lead but succumbed to a flat tire on a restart with two laps to go putting Wearing in the lead. Once out front, he never looked back and claimed his first career Lernerville Speedway victory.

Garrett Krummert brought the Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modified field to the initial green flag and looked stout early on as he lead the first five laps until Dave Murdick wrested the lead away from him on lap six.  However, John Mollick found the track and his car to his liking as he showed a great deal of speed while moving from his fourth starting spot to pass Murdick for the lead on lap 11.  Mollick was able to put distance between himself and the field while out front while behind him, Rex King Jr. was making a charge towards the front that saw him overtake Murdick for the second spot on lap 12.  King was able to hunt Mollick effectively and began taking looks underneath him for a pass but was unable to make a move with Mollick in clean air. However, once considerable lapped traffic came into play, King was able to make his way around with two laps remaining and held off a last charge from Mollick on the final set of turns to collect the victory.

In the Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar/RUSH Pro Stocks, Terry Young found himself in the lead on lap four following an early caution and never looked back. The veteran pilot managed to hold off a fierce challenge from defending champion Corey McPherson who found himself in a battle for the second spot with ninth starting Tyler Dietz. Dietz was able to overtake McPherson on lap 14, however the battle allowed Young the opportunity to simply drive away from the field as he found victory lane for the first time since 2016.

The Fab4 returns next Friday night for Diehl Automotive night.

Peoples Natural GasDIRTcar 410 Sprint Feature: (25 Laps)

  1. (23jr) Jack Sodeman Jr.
  2. (28) Danny Mumaw
  3. (11) Carl Bowser
  4. (55) Gary Kriess Jr.
  5. (7K) Dan Shetler
  6. (70) Henry Malcuit
  7. (08) Dan Kuriger
  8. (5) Jeff Haligen
  9. (4N) Jimmy Morris
  10. (23s) Russ Sansosti
  11. (1*) Tim Wagaman
  12. (56) Ralph Spithaler
  13. (22M) Dan McCarron
  14. (21N) Frankie Nervo
  15. (91) Sadie Siegel
  16. (76) Davey Jones
  17. (14) Jeremy Hill
  18. (27) Zach Morrow
  19. (38) Leyton Wagner
  20. (34M) Mike Marano II


Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models Feature: (25 Laps)

  1. (B1) Brndon Wearing
  2. (28C) Clate Copeman
  3. (23) Tony Burke
  4. (92) Jayme Beck
  5. (77) Tyler Dietz
  6. (48) Colton Flinner
  7. (12) John Myers
  8. (15*) Kelvin Kohan
  9. (55) Chris Schneider
  10. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand
  11. (91T) Tommy Beck
  12. (81) Mike Miller
  13. (9) Clayton Kennedy- Did Not Start


Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Northeast Big Block Modified Feature: (25 Laps)

  1. (165) Rex King Jr.
  2. (4J) John Mollick
  3. (61) Dave Murdick
  4. (83) Brian Swartzlander
  5. (65) Rex King Sr.
  6. (37md) Jeremiah Shingledecker
  7. (45) Steve Feder
  8. (75) Jeff Miller
  9. (18Jr) Mike Dougherty
  10. (13) Rick Regalski
  11. (18) Colton Walters
  12. (25) Chris Rudolph
  13. (03) Mark Frankhouser
  14. (88) Shawn Fleeger
  15. (A51) Bill Barr
  16. (22) Kevin Long
  17. (71) Randy Chronister
  18. (9) Will Thomas
  19. (29) Garrett Krummert
  20. (27R) Dave Reges- Did Not Start


Millerstown Pic-A-Part RUSH/DIRTcarPro Stocks Feature: (20 Laps)

  1. (28Y) Terry Young
  2. (27) Tyler Dietz
  3. (C33) Corey McPherson
  4. (66) Joe Kelley
  5. (25) Brett McDonald
  6. (26) Mike Bordt
  7. (310) Dale Tuche
  8. (29B) Scott Byers
  9. (22jr) Chase Lambert
  10. (10) Butch Lambert
  11. (13X) Ryan Moyer
  12. (948) Joey Zambotti
  13. (17) Sam Eichelberger
  14. (35b) Jake Dietz


Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning B-Main for Peoples Gas Sprints:

  1. (27) Zach Morrow
  2. (21N) Frankie Nervo
  3. (14) Jeremy Hill
  4. (34M) Mike Marano II
  5. (38) Leyton Wagner
  6. (91) Sadie Siegel
  7. (44) Pete Landrum
  8. (2) AJ Flick
  9. (4K) Bill Kiley


Glassmere Fuel SeriviceHeat 1 for Peoples Gas Sprints:

  1. (4N) Jimmy Morris
  2. (55) Gary Kreiss Jr.
  3. (28) Danny Mumaw
  4. (76) Davey Jones
  5. (22M) Dan McCarron
  6. (21N) Frankie Nervo
  7. (91) Sadie Siegel
  8. (2) AJ Flick


Dlubak Powder Coating Heat 2 for Peoples Gas Sprints:

  1. (23Jr) Jack Sodeman Jr.
  2. (1*) Tim Wagaman
  3. (08) Dan Kuriger
  4. (11) Carl Bowser
  5. (56) Ralph Spithaler
  6. (27) Zach Morrow
  7. (44) Pete Landrum
  8. (38) Leyton Wagner


Gellners Sales and Service Heat 3 for Peoples Gas Sprints

  1. (70) Henry Malcuit
  2. (5) Jeff Halgen
  3. (22) Brandon Spithaler
  4. (7K) Dan Shetler
  5. (23s) Russ Sansosti
  6. (34M) Mike Marano II
  7. (14) Jerermy Hill
  8. (4K) Bill Kiley


Hotel Saxonburg Heat 1 for Precise Late Models:

  1. (48) Colton Flinner
  2. (91T) Tommy Beck
  3. (15*) Kelvin Kohan
  4. (77) Tyler Dietz
  5. (23) Tony Burke
  6. (B1) Brandon Wearing
  7. (55) Chris Schneider


Lojack’s Cycle Shop Heat 2 for Precise Late Models:

  1. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand
  2. (81) Chuck Sarver
  3. (9) Clayton Kennedy
  4. (28C) Clate Copeman
  5. (12) John Myers
  6. (92) Jayme Beck


McCutcheon Enterprises Heat 1 for Diehl Modifieds:

  1. (4J) John Mollick
  2. (65) Rex King Sr.
  3. (29) Garrett Krummert
  4. (9) Will Thomas
  5. (22) Kevin Long
  6. (18jr) Mike Dougherty
  7. (13) Rick Regalski
  8. (75) Jeff Miller
  9. (03) Mark Frankhouser
  10. (88) Shawn Fleeger


Thermo Twin Windows Heat 2 for Diehl Modifieds:

  1. (165) Rex King Jr.
  2. (83) Brian Swartzlander
  3. (88) Colton Walters
  4. (61) Dave Murdick
  5. (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker
  6. (25) Chris Rudolph
  7. (A51) Bill Barr
  8. (71) Randy Chronister
  9. (45)  Steve Feder
  10. (27R) Dave Reges- Did Not Start


Thoma Meat Market Heat 1 for Pic-A-Part Pro Stocks:

  1. (948) Joey Zambotti
  2. (28Y) Terry Young
  3. (26) Mike Bordt
  4. (17) Sam Eichelberger
  5. (25) Brett McDonald
  6. (10) Butch Lambert
  7. (22Jr) Chase Lambert


Hovis Auto and Truck Supply Heat 2 for Pic-A-Part Pro Stocks:

  1. (27) Tyler Dietz
  2. (66) Joe Kelley
  3. (13X) Ryan Moyer
  4. (C33) Corey McPherson
  5. (35b) Jake Dietz
  6. (29B) Scott Byers
  7. (310) Dale Tuche

 Car Count Total: 71

Peoples Natural Gas Sprints: 24

Precise Late Models: 13

Diehl Modifieds: 20

Pic-A-Part Sportsman: 14

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