Ruth Tames RUSH Sprints for Third Win; Speer Makes it Four for Four; Stover Earns UTV Win

John Stivason/Stivason Photos

Sarver, PA (August 15, 2018) Gale Ruth Jr. earned a firm grip on his lead in both the RUSH Sprint Car Wednesday Night Lightning series and the Bonnell’s Rod Shop Weekly Standings by virtue of his third feature victory of the season at The Action Track.

The veteran pilot drove a patient first five laps and moved forward from his sixth starting spot to the lead after passing Shawn Smith with six laps down and never looked back en route to Terry Bowser Victory Lane. Smith drove an impressive race, coming home with a second place finish while holding off title contender Arnie Kent who rounded out the podium.

In the American Steel Processing 4 Cylinders, Dillon Speer made it four for four with another dominant performance.  After shaking off a bid for the lead on an early restart from Phillip Bubecht in the early going, Speer kept his momentum and held his line and survived one more late race restart, fending off Steve Walker to collect the victory.

Meanwhile, in the Gellners Sales and Service UTV’s, Brennan Stover paid a visit for the first time in his career and made it count as he bested the field for the win in the six lap main event.

Weekly racing continues Friday night with another Fab4 Friday Fueled by Turners Premium Iced Tea featuring the Peoples Gas DIRTcar Sprints, Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models, Diehl Automotive Big Block DIRTcar Modifieds and the Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar/RUSH Late Models.  Pits open at 4 PM, grandstands at 5 PM with racing starting at 7:30 PM sharp! We look forward to seeing you there !


RUSH Sprint Car Main Event- 20 Laps

  1. (1C) Gale Ruth Jr.
  2. (36) Shawn Smith
  3. (18) Arnie Kent
  4. (9J) Joe McEwen
  5. (27) Zach Morrow
  6. (23D) Dalton Daniels
  7. (56) Steve Cousins
  8. (27D) Dave Hawkins
  9. (19) Brad Blackshear
  10. (27H) Brandon Hawkins
  11. (27) Scott Hawkins
  12. (35T) Phillip Thornton
  13. (72B) Tyler Dietz


American Steel Processing 4 Cylinders Main Event- 15 Laps

  1. (07) Dillon Speer
  2. (4M) Steve Walker
  3. (54T) Wayne Truitt
  4. (16K) Steve Longwell Sr.
  5. (1) Ben Lehane
  6. (34) J.R. Shaner
  7. (13) Greg Kiehl
  8. (42) Kelly Clark
  9. (01) Dakota Heinl
  10. (2) Philip Bubecht
  11. (81s) David Smail
  12. (54) Tim Callahan
  13. (64) Summer Pitts
  14. (7) Colton Longwell
  15. (13J) Jay Swager Jr.- Did Not Start

Gellners Sales and Service UTV Main Event- 6 Laps

  1. (6) Brennan Stover
  2. (11) Bob Nether
  3. (57) Ken Heasley
  4. (117) Brian Forester

RUSH Sprint Cars Heat 1- 8 Laps

  1. (18) Arnie Kent
  2. (23D) Dalton Daniels
  3. (27) Zach Morrow
  4. (56) Steve Cousins
  5. (19) Brad Blackshear
  6. (72B) Jim Kurpakis
  7. (37) Scott Hawkins

RUSH Sprint Cars Heat 2- 8 Laps

  1. (9J) Joe McEwen
  2. (35) Shawn Smith
  3. (1C) Gale Ruth Jr.
  4. (27D) Dave Hawkins
  5. (35T) Philip Thornton
  6. (27H) Brandon Hawkins

American Steel Processing 4 Cylinders Heat 1- 8 Laps

  1. (07) Dillon Speer
  2. (2) Philip Bubecht
  3. (54T) Wayne Truitt
  4. (16K) Steve Longwell Sr.
  5. (13J) Jay Swager Jr.
  6. (13) Greg Kiehl
  7. (02) Dakota Heinl

American Steel Processing 4 Cylinders Heat 2-8 Laps

  1. (4M) Steve Walker
  2. (81s) David Smail
  3. (54) Tim Callahan
  4. (42) Kelly Clark
  5. (1) Ben Lehane
  6. (64) Summer Pitts
  7. (34) J.R. Shaner
  8. (7) Colton Longwell


Gellners Sales and Service Heat 3-Laps

  1. (117) Brian Forester
  2. (6) Brennan Stover
  3. (11) Bob Nether
  4. (57) Ken Heasley Jr.

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