Quick Results- Morrow Takes 1st RUSH Sprint Car Win- Speer Makes It Three in a Row

John Stivason/Stivason Photos

Sarver, PA (July 18, 2018) It was a gorgeous night for the third of five RK Virgile Wednesday Night Mayhem Can’t Wait for the Weekend series race nights.  Zach Morrow had a fast car and made the right moves at the right time on Wednesday night at The Action Track as he powered by Joe McEwen coming off of turn four on lap 13 and never looked back en route to his first feature win in RUSH Sprint Car action.

McEwen bolted out to the early lead, followed by three time feature winner Gale Ruth Jr. and Dalton Daniels as Morrow made his way forward with precision in the early going. Following a caution with eight laps down, Morrow put himself on McEwen’s tail tank and the two engaged in a thrilling battle for the lead with Morrow using the top side of the surface to gather and maintain momentum.  After wresting the lead away from McEwen, Morrow survived a restart with two laps to go and made his way to Terry Bowser Victory Lane as McEwen and heat race winner Dalton Daniels rounded out the podium.

In the American Steel Processing Four Cylinders, Dillon Speer made it three consecutive Wednesday night wins as he dominated the nine car field on hand with JR Shanker and Jay Swager Jr. coming home second and third respectively.

Racing action returns to Lernerville on Friday night as our annual “Modified Mania” featuring the BRP Modified Tour. We look forward to seeing you then.

RUSH Sprint Cars “Wednesday Night Lightning” Series Main Event- 20 Laps

  1. (27) Zach Morrow
  2. (9J) Joe McEwen
  3. (23D) Dalton Daniels
  4. (1C) Gale Ruth Jr.
  5. (18) Arnie Kent
  6. (19) Brad Blackshear
  7. (27D) Dave Hawkins
  8. (37) Scott Hawkins
  9. (27H) Brandon Hawkins
  10. (56) Steve Cousins



American Steel Processing 4 Cylinder Main Event- 15 Laps

  1. (07) Dillon Speer
  2. (34) J. R. Shaner
  3. (13J) Jay Swager Jr.
  4. (1) Ben Lehane
  5. (42) Kelly Clark
  6. (64) Summer Pitts
  7. (02) Dakota Heinl
  8. (81s) David Smail
  9. (16K) Steve Longwell Sr.



RUSH Sprint Car Heat 1- 8 Laps


  1. (9J) Joe McEwen
  2. (1C) Gale Ruth Jr.
  3. (27) Zach Morrow
  4. (18) Arnie Kent
  5. (37) Scott Hawkins



RUSH Sprint Car Heat 2- 8 Laps

  1. (23D) Dalton Daniels
  2. (27H) Brandon Hawkins
  3. (27D) Dave Hawkins
  4. (56) Steve Cousins
  5. (19) Brad Blackshear


American Steel Processing 4 Cylinder Heat- 8 Laps


  1. (07) Dillon Speer
  2. (16K) Steve Longwell Sr.
  3. (81s) David Dmail
  4. (1) Ben Lehane
  5. (34) J.R. Shaner
  6. (42) Kelly Clark
  7. (64) Summer Pitts
  8. (13J) Jay Swager Jr.
  9. (02) Dakota Heinl

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