Quick Results 6.23.18-Madden Wires 12th Annual Firecracker 100

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Sarver, PA (June 23, 2018) The current points leader with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series added another chapter in his 2018 story on Saturday night in the 12th annual Firecracker 100 with a dominant performance en route to a $30,000 payday.  Madden simply left the field in his wake after starting on the pole and left no door open while running away from a hotly contested battle behind him between Devin Moran, Tyler Erb, Brandon Sheppard and Mike Marlar.

Madden jumped out to the early lead and took firm command of the field in the first 25 laps while picking through lapped traffic with precision while behind him, Devin Moran began making a forward charge from the second spot that would see him come close to the leader’s bumper at certain moments, only to watch the gap widen at other times as Madden kept a torrid pace up front while managing his car and tires.

Following a pair of cautions around the lap 40 mark, several potential contenders threw their hat in the ring as Gregg Satterlee, Shane Clanton and Morgan Bagley made their way to the top five but could not keep their momentum once there.  Meanwhile, Madden put the eyes of a good many fans on the intense battle for the second position as Moran and Erb traded slide jobs at will allowing Madden to put his advantage to a full straightaway in the second half of the race. Marlar made a late race charge to make his way past both Erb and Moran by the time 100 laps were in the books. But, the night belonged to Madden who took home one of the biggest wins of his career to this point.

Mike Norris, riding the momentum of his Friday night win, led the way for the local contingent with a 10th place showing while Colton Flinner, Jared Miley, and Alex Ferree raced their way into the show. Weekly competitors Kenny Schaltenbrand and Gary Lyle were granted provisionals on the basis of their weekly point standings positions.

In the Uncle Sam 20, Big Block Modified pilot turned Late Model driver Michael Maresca put the field away in quick fashion, taking the $3,000 to win non-qualifiers race.


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Firecracker 100 Final ($30,000 to win)

  1. (44) Chris Madden
  2. (157) Mike Marlar
  3. (91) Tyler Erb
  4. (9) Devin Moran
  5. (17M) Dale McDowell
  6. (1) Brandon Sheppard
  7. (25) Shane Clanton
  8. (14M) Morgan Bagley
  9. (14) Darrell Lanigan
  10. (72N) Mike Norris
  11. (7) Rick Eckert
  12. (22S) Gregg Satterlee
  13. (B1) Brent Larson
  14. (18C) Chase Junghans
  15. (54) David Breazeale
  16. (22) Chris Ferguson
  17. (94) Charles Powell Jr.
  18. (75) Colton Flinner
  19. (1X) Chub Frank
  20. (20) Dan Stone
  21. (10) Jared Miley
  22. (6) Blake Spencer
  23. (72) Jason Covert
  24. (4) Alex Ferree
  25. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand
  26. (10L) Gary Lyle


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Uncle Sam 20 Final ($3,000 to win)

  1. (7MM) Mike Maresca
  2. (44P) Joe Petyak
  3. (B22) Bump Hedman
  4. (91B) Tommy Beck
  5. (W3) John Weaver
  6. (14R) Clay Ruffo
  7. (89) Justin Williams
  8. (51M) Joey Moriarty
  9. (14A) Dan Angelllichio
  10. (111) Matt Lux


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Last Chance Showdown #1- (15Laps)

  1. (25) Shane Clanton
  2. (18C) Chase Junghans
  3. (75) Colton Flinner
  4. (7MM) Michael Maresca
  5. (14A) Dan Angellichio
  6. (21D) Dan Stone
  7. (89) Justin Williams
  8. (B22) Bump Hedman
  9. (91B) Tommy Beck
  10. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand- Did Not Start


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Last Chance Showdown #2-(15 Laps)

  1. (10) Jared Miley
  2. (94) Charles Powell Jr.
  3. (72) Jason Covert
  4. (51M) Joey Moriarty
  5. (44P) Joe Petyak
  6. (W3) John Weaver
  7. (6) Blake Spencer
  8. (14R) Clay Ruffo
  9. (111) Matt Lux
  10. (10L) Gary Lyle


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Heat 1:

  1. (44) Chris Madden
  2. (157) Mike Marlar
  3. (22) Chris Ferguson
  4. (4) Alex Ferree
  5. (89) Justin Williams
  6. (7MM) Michael Maresca
  7. (18C) Chase Junghans
  8. (75) Colton Flinner
  9. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Heat 2:

  1. (14) Darrell Lanigan
  2. (91) Tyler Erb
  3. (72N) Mike Norris
  4. (14M) Morgan Bagley
  5. (25) Shane Clanton
  6. (21D) Dan Stone
  7. (B22) Bump Hedman
  8. (14A) Dan Angellicchio- DNF
  9. (91B) Tommy Beck- DNF


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Heat 3:

  1. (1) Brandon Sheppard
  2. (17M) Dale McDowell
  3. (1X) Chub Frank
  4. (7) Rick Eckert
  5. (94) Charles Powell Jr.
  6. (51) Joey Moriarty
  7. (71) Jason Covert
  8. (14R) Clay Ruffo-DNF
  9. (10L) Gary Lyle-DNF


World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Heat 4:

  1. (9) Devin Moran
  2. (22S) Gregg Satterlee
  3. (54) David Breazeale
  4. (B1) Brent Larson
  5. (111) Matt Lux
  6. (44P) Joe Petyak
  7. (6) Blake Spencer
  8. (W3) John Weaver
  9. (10) Jared Miley- DNF




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