WoO Sprint Commonwealth Clash Quick Results 9.24


Donny Schatz #ParkedIt in Pink after dominant Commonwealth Clash win
Carl Bowser wins hard charger, Sye Lynch experienced highs and lows

Sarver, PA (September 24, 2016) Lernerville Speedway was once more graced with nearly perfect weather conditions for Saturday Night’s World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series Commonwealth Clash presented by Classic Ink. After a slow start that included two separate red flag incidents, Donny Schatz dominated the final 21 laps of the 35-lap A-Main after dispatching early leader Logan Schuhart. Sporting a new pink trimmed decal scheme for the impending Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Schatz #ParkedIt in Dlubak Powder Coatings Victory Lane for his eighth career Lernerville feature win and 23rd World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series win of the season. After losing the lead after 13 circuits, Logan Schuchart held off Brad Sweet to finish second.

Local drivers Carl Bowser and Sye Lynch both thrilled the local crowd, but their nights came to dramatically different endings. Bowser walked away with his first career World of Outlaws top ten finish and the KSE Hard Charger Award for advancing the most positions during the 35-lap A-Main. Lynch got the iconic “Quick Time” call by World of Outlaws announcer Johnny Gibson as he set down a quick time early in qualifying. And while Schuchart and Daryn Pittman would later turn quicker laps, Lynch lived up to his last name with a top three qualifying effort, a second place finish in his heat and also ran the dash. But on the first lap of the A-Main, Lynch’s breakout performance took a turn for the worse, as he rode out a nasty flip in turn one after contact with Paul McMahan. Thankfully Lynch walked away from a mangle sprint car, but was obviously disappointed with the way his night ended.

As mentioned above, Daryn Pittman set the fast time with a circuit of 12.797 seconds and went on to win his heat race. Shane Stewart, Tim Shaffer and Donny Schatz also won heat races. 2016 Lernerville Speedway Track Champion Jack Sodeman Jr. won the Last Chance Showdown after Logan Schuchart won the Dash.


Working Man Preliminary Feature #1: (25 Laps)
1. 15-Donny Schatz[4][$10,000]
2. 1S-Logan Schuchart[1][$5,500]
3. 49-Brad Sweet[2][$3,200]
4. 5-David Gravel[9][$2,800]
5. 2-Shane Stewart[5][$2,500]
6. 9-Daryn Pittman[6][$2,300]
7. 83-Joey Saldana[8][$2,200]
8. 49X-Tim Shaffer[3][$2,100]
9. 5T-Travis Philo[15][$2,050]
10. 10-Carl Bowser[17][$2,000]
11. 7S-Jason Sides[18][$1,500]
12. 41-Jason Johnson[16][$1,200]
13. O7-Doug Esh[14][$1,100]
14. W20-Greg Wilson[13][$1,050]
15. 1A-Jacob Allen[12][$1,000]
16. 7W-Logan Wagner[20][$900]
17. 7-Paul McMahan[11][$800]
18. 23JR-Jack Sodeman[21][$800]
19. 7K-Dan Shetler[19][$800]
20. O8-Dan Kuriger[23][$800]
21. 33M-Brent Matus[26][$]
22. 19JK-Joe Kubiniec[24][$800]
23. 51-John Garvin[25][$]
24. 2F-A.J. Flick[22][$800]
25. 58-Jimmy Seger[10][$800]
26. 24X-Sye Lynch[7][$800]
Fast Qualifier: 9 – Daryn Pittman – 12.787 seconds
Heat Winners: Daryn Pittman, Shane Stewart, Tim Shaffer, Donny Schatz
Last Chance Showdown Winner: Jack Sodeman Jr.

Car Count Total: 36
World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprints: 36
Contact: Lernerville Speedway
Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director
(724) 664-1075 / ewestendorf@tsmlernerville.com
Photos Courtesy of John Stivason/Stivason Photos

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